No Health Insurance? No Problem?


In Ohio at least if you have no health insurance you can be seen by the local ER for medical issues but does a person with no insurance get the same quality care as the person with insurance does? You will be shocked at some of the people we have spoken to about this issue and here you will find what our friend experienced about this subject.

We had a friend who was having some medical issues with no health insurance. This medical issue was bothering him so bad it was affecting his every day life not to mention his job. Naturally since he had no insurance and he was not able to get a family doctor he finally decided to go to the ER to find out what all was going on with him so it can be fixed. But what he would soon find out were the differences in the level of care between a person who has insurance and a person who does not have insurance.

The particular ER he chose to go to was not busy and the staff was very friendly. Once they took him back it was like any other emergency room visit. He had to strip down to a gown, the nurse took blood work and registration took his information. After that the doctor came in and examined him he said what he thought would possibly be wrong with our friend but he wanted to wait until the blood work came back to make a definite decision. This all sounds very normal so far for anyone who goes to the ER huh? Well according to our friend this ER would still be friendly but the care process would take a turn just because he did not have insurance.

After a bit the doctor would return to our friend. Asking him questions like:

“Do you have insurance?”

“Do you qualify for medicaid?”

“Do you have and family doctor?”

Well obviously if our friend had all of those things he would have no need to go to the emergency room. He would just go to the doctor. But that is not what concerned our friend the most was the questions. What concerned our friend the most was what the doctor said after asking all those questions. He said well I have spoken to our in house specialist that specializes in what is wrong with you and he thinks it may be a couple of things but you need a procedure done to find out exactly what it is. The doctor then said I can refer you to a specialist once you leave here (even though this doctor knew our friend would not be able to go because of no insurance). He also said you need to get a family doctor because there is only so much we can do in the emergency room. The doctor and staff just kept pushing that our friend needed insurance so a procedure could be done to find out. Even during checkout it was all about insurance, insurance, insurance. Wow!

If this emergency room had the specialist and the equipment to find out what was wrong with our friend why did they not just go ahead and do it instead of just basically turning him away without turning him away? After all the specialist is there getting paid for his job and the equipment is there too probably not even being used at that time. Is it because they just did not want to write it off if our friend could not pay for the procedure? It was not even a major surgical procedure so it was not like this procedure would have even take a long time. We feel they did not do the procedure or help our friend as much as they should have just because he did not have insurance.

Now our friend is still having this issues cannot get Medicaid, cannot get insurance, cannot work because of this issue, cannot get disability because he does not have a family doctor and many other things. This makes us very upset and we personally think not only should Medicaid standards change but emergency rooms should have to give people the same full all around care to fix their health whether they have insurance or not. Also we know many people will have their own opinions about this blog issue but in fact our friend has paid his taxes for many years, helped others and many other things so why not when he is down on his luck help him out too. This is his life and and his lively hood to be able to provide for his family that is being played with.

No Health Insurance? No Problem?