4 Important Things To Remember For Fireworks

4 Important Things To Remember For Fireworks

Calorie Figure Trimmer – Limited Time Only!


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Keep track of the calories you’re burning as you’re working out! This digital calorie figure trimmer features sturdy elastic exercise bands with easy grips, a digital calorie counter, and no-slip foot pads to keep you in place.

11″ diameter x 1¼” high.


  • Plastic

– Also Available –


$19.95 plus free shipping!

This anti-burst exercise ball will help you get in shape while maintaining its shape! Made from thick PVC, it gives you limitless exercise opportunities and even comes with a convenient foot pump.

Dimensions 26″ x 26″ x 0″.

26″ diameter.
Foot pump included.


  • PVC

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Calorie Figure Trimmer – Limited Time Only!

Diabetics save over $240 a year!

If you are a diabetic or know someone who is a diabetic then you know everything a diabetic needs is ALWAYS expensive. Whether it be testing supplies, certain foods or even medicine. We knew there had to be a way to at least save some money out there so we went on the hunt. You will be shocked what you read here on what we found.

Relion Meter Choices

One major thing we know every diabetic must do everyday and depending on person sometimes multiple times a day was to check their blood glucose levels with meters. The meters we love are the Reli On brand. We have found they can be some of the cheapest and most accurate meters out there. They can be picked up at any local Walmart. Even these meters have different prices for them but all are used for the same purpose. So which one did we choose to check our blood glucose levels daily and why?

Relion Prime Meter

We chose the Reli On Prime Meter. The reason we did this was not only because the meter was one of the cheapest and reliable but as far as testing strips a person can save tons of money weekly, monthly and yearly. Just if someone tests their levels 3 times a day and purchases the 50 packs of testing strips they can save over $240 a year versus the other types of Reli On’s and other brands. Look what we discovered below on the prices of 50 count boxes of testing strips.

  0060538802294_180X180 (1)0060538856447_180X180 (1)  0068113106030_180X180 (1)

Reli On Prime 50 Count Test Strips – Average $9.00 Box

Reli On Confirm Micro 50 Count Test Strips – Average $20.00 Box

Reli On Ultima 50 Count Test Strips – Average $20.00 Box

Now you do the math. That is some major savings not just on the cost of the meter but the test strips alone when averaged out yearly.

Here at MM Gift and More we are always doing research to find ways for every diabetic to save money because it can be expensive. We also support all kinds of diabetes programs and research. Feel free to click here and like us on Facebook. Thank you.

Diabetics save over $240 a year!