One Time Lifetime Fee Advertising!

Advertise With MM Gifts and More


Our advertising is perfect for the following.

  • Businesses (online or brick and mortar businesses)
  • Events (any events or fundraisers a person or business would like to get the word out about)
  • Organizations (any nonprofit or other organization who would like to get the word out about their cause)
  • Products (business products and their sales)
  • Sell at Home People (Scentsy, Avon, Mary Kay or any other product)
No Website Required!


“They run a great banner service along with emails & flyers. To break it down, they offer one of the best marketing advertising tools for virtually any type of business. They send a great newsletter out in rich HTML format with specials they are offering, if you are part of this program, your companies name is included via a banner giving you great coverage. Flyers are my favorite, they are out delivering to many people every day, they have ad placement for businesses on these flyers. This is another great way to get exposure. Check out the website for pricing options. It is well worth it.”

Jon Anthony
By MerchantCircle Marketing Advisor

One Time Lifetime Fee Advertising!

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